NRW Field Services

Flow measurements, pressure measurements and point leak detection

Flow Measurements

You need to measure the flow, but the pipe can not be cut? Our flow measurement service gives you a non-intrusive way to capture all the necessary flow measurements.

We provide fast and quality service with field measurement options that remove your capital expenses, transportation and maintenance costs. Orhun is committed to providing you with the most up-to-date equipment, technical know-how and qualified technicians to meet your most specific needs.

Nearly every industry using conventional flow meters can benefit from the services we offer.

A few areas where you can use our flow measurement service
  • Current flow meter validation
  • Instantaneous flow measurement
  • Pump performance
  • Leak detection
  • Equilibration
  • Energy efficiency and optimization

Pressure Measurements

The pressure measurement is an integral part of any liquid transfer process and has critical precaution in view of safe working limits.

Commonly used analog pressure indicators and graphic recorders are indicators of line pressure, but lack accuracy and repeatability. Our pressure loggers offer excellent resolution and accuracy over mechanical measuring technology.

Orhun offers pressure measurement and recording between 0 and 40 Bar with high accuracy.

A few areas where you can benefit from our pressure measurement service;
  • Zero Pressure Test
  • General Pressure Study
  • Hydraulic Model Calibration
  • FAVAD N1 value calculation
  • C Factor Test
  • Pressure Management

Leak Detection

If you suspect that there is a leak along the water pipe line, you do not need to dig everywhere to find out where it is.

The Orhun Project has a systematic approach to detecting hidden water leaks without breaking the ground. Using both conventional acoustic listening devices and the most advanced leak noise correlation computer systems, our highly skilled and trained technicians can accurately detect water leaks on all types of water systems and pipe materials.

Leakage can occur for many reasons. Metal pipes may be erodible due to age or acidic soil conditions. Both metal and plastic pipes may be cracked due to motion or incorrect manufacturing or assembly.

Regardless of the cause, this cause a serious losses, both water volume and cost. All water leaks are not as visible as large pipe outbreaks. Quiet little leaks, which often do not attract your attention, can cause long-term damage to your equipments and your health.

We detected more than 32000 leaks in 20 years. Call us and we will find leaks for you.