Hydraulic Modeling and DMA

The drinking water distribution network; real-time simulation with consumption, energy, tank levels, pressure, flow, fire, evacuation scenarios


Orhun Proje has developed solutions for smaller cities, towns and municipalities as well as big cities such as Istanbul, Kocaeli and Ağrı.

We have helped our customers in delivering billions of cubic meters of high quality drinking water, evaluating water distribution systems, repairing and designing new infrastructures. We studied, single-source single storage systems and also multi-source, pumping stations, complex systems with multiple pressure zones.

Our engineers use state-of-the-art computer-aided hydraulic analysis tools to create robust and reliable distribution systems. They specialize in using a wide variety of piping materials and efficient technology.

By adding System Control and Data Acquisition technology to your system, we can optimize power consumption and demand rates, increase system reliability and provide more operational flexibility.

In addition to these works, we can calculate the potential for developing new resources by assessing your current and future water demand and supply for your system and re-developing existing resources. The economic feasibility of different approaches and the potential impacts on the subscriber character are also assessed to determine the best approach.


Drinking water systems has been created through a certain account and project when they are created. Over time, different potable water systems may have come together, attached or ripped to the existing system.

Except these, your hydraulic model of your existing drinking water system may not reflect actual operating conditions due to wear, water losses, valve position's (partially closed/open position) over time.

We will calibrate your system's Hydraulic Model with field observations. We can deliver your live Hydraulic model which reflects your system with high accuracy.
  • C-Factor test
  • Flow Measurement
  • Pressure Measurements
  • Consumption analysis
  • Zero Pressure test
  • Pump Efficiency Test

DMA Applications

Monitoring and managing the drinking water system as a whole is not effective. For the analysis of apparent and physical losses on the system, it is necessary to separate district metering area (DMAs).

We can model, optimize and design your network to create monitoring subregions (DMAs).

In this scope, technical services we offer
  • Flow meter specification and engineering design
  • Identification of any required growth and engineering design.
  • Identification of data recording monitoring points (average pressure point, input and critical points).
Field services
  • Boundary valve integrity test
  • Flow and pressure measurements
  • Zero pressure test
  • Fireflow test
  • PRV sizing
  • Identification of suitable areas for pressure management
  • Data communication management
DMA Management services
  • Daily monitoring and reporting of flow and pressure data
  • Reporting of physical losses on DMA, water supply and utilization levels
  • Minimum Night Flow Analysis
  • Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI) Calculation
  • Definition and evaluation of Economic Leakage Level (ELL)
  • Creation of Operation Guide and Handover reports