System Optimization

Operational, tactical, strategic for the management of the drinking water network in the appropriate income-expenditure balance; support and services.

We are doing an integrated audit of your drinking water network. We provide the creation of the water balance chart.

We evaluate the performance of your system using internationally accepted performance indicators. - Infrastructure leakage index (ILI), economic leakage level (ELL), etc.

With pressure management exercises, we help you manage your system at the optimum pressure level.

Water Audit

With a complete system scan, we bring your income and expenses to you. We'll make it easier to plan with the Water Balance Table.

Performance Analysis

We compare the performance status of your network with the local and global reference values. We create optimum solutions for you.

Pressure Management

The customer must be satisfied with the amount of water he / she receives. Each rising unit of pressure increases the amount of water flowing through the leaks.

Utility Detection (GPR)

Underground imaging, mapping, digitization and GIS applications:

GPR, pipe cable detectors, acoustic methods to detect the route your drinking water network underground.

We use a metal detector to detect your valves.

We digitize your existing map, update your digital maps on the basis of their verification, and present them in the format appropriate to your GIS.

Underground Imaging

We are detecting the underground location of your network. We verify your existing data, organize the missing information.

Valve Detection

You need to be able to control a network to manage it. Valve is needed to control. We detect the valves under the surface.


We can digitize your existing operation map. We can deliver your verified network information to you in the GIS data format of your choice.

Hydraulic Modeling and DMA

The drinking water distribution network; real time simulation with consumption, energy, tank levels, pressure, flow, fire, flushing scenario:

We create the current state of your water system network on the computer model.

We calibrate your model with the measurements we took from the field.

We allocate your distribution network system to isolated sub-regions that can be monitored.


We can simulate at the model, to all of characteristic behaviour of your water system network.


The hydraulic model will increase efficiency to the extent that it is kept up to date. We'll observe field data and keep your model alive with this measurements.

DMA Applications

Tracking your system through the District Metering Area (DMA) makes it easy to make tactical and operational decisions.

NRW Field Services

Flow measurements, pressure measurements and spot leak detection:
We provide all kinds of business and training you need in your network operationally.

Instantaneous and continuous flow measurements.

Calibration of the general pressure operation, calibration of the model, measurement of the high frequency pressure, and records of the system used to calculate the N1 value.

A leak investigation to pinpoint the real water losses.

Flow Measurements

We perform instantaneous and long time flow measurements in different points of your network.

Pressure Measurements

With our pressure gauges with data logging capabilities, we are able to measure high frequency pressure at any time interval

Leak Detection

We are making pin-point determination of leakage. We have 90% success in detecting 32,000 leaks.